Terms and Conditions

Booking conditions

Mistress Escort agency put you in contact with our escort ladies for a rendezvous. Please keep in your mind: When booking through our agency, Mistress Escort, no privity in contract with you will be concluded. We only act within the context of the agency agreement between Mistress Escort and the Escort Ladies, which regulates our cooperation. Agency fee are charged to the escort ladies, as a customer you are free of charge.

As independent businesswomen the decision of our ladies themselves is about the time expenditure with a customer as well as the acceptance or rejection of a customer. For a booking request we get in contact with the respective escort lady. Only after talking to the escort lady, we can confirm your date. Therefore, it is necessary for you as a customer to call us as soon as possible to get your desired date. Once the escort lady agrees to the date, you will receive your confirmation.

If the escort lady accepts your booking request, a contract between you and her is closed. For this reason, please pay the agreed fee directly to the lady of your choice. Cause our escort ladies provide this service for their own account. In accordance with you and the lady your are deciding about the arrangement, the time together, an extension or a breakup of a date.
As an agency, Escort Mistress has no influence on such a matter!


Please handle the agreed fee in an open envelope over to the escort lady at the beginning of your rendezvous.

The agreed fee is an only a payment for the jointly spent time. This amount does not oblige the Escort Lady to provide a specific service. The amount of the fee varies according to the category, which regulates the planned duration, for the time spent with the escort lady. In consultation with your lady you decide on the arrangement of the jointly hours. Depending on the sympathy for each other, you should pay attention to the preferences and interests of the respective lady FAQ / SERVICE. If you book more than one escort lady for this time, the fee for each escort lady is to be paid. When booking a companion for more than one customer, the fee is multiplied by the number of booking customers. Of course, our ladies can also be booked by couples. Here the ladies charge additional to the current fee an extra charge of 50 %.
Please also pay attention to the home town of the respective escort lady, because you will be charged for travel costs in addition to the fee.

Extension of a date

If the time with the lady of your choice has expired far too fast, you have the possibility to agree with the escort lady, an extension of the date. The fee is immediately paid in cash to the escort lady, who informs Mistress Escort about the extension via SMS for security reasons.

Travel expenses

The travel expenses are calculated individually by each escort lady. The fee depends on the distance and type of arrival (car, train, plane …). In the respective profiles of the escorts, you will see the additional costs of the train and flight tickets as well as the travel cost, which includes both the time and the meals during the arrival and departure.

Deposit required at time of booking

For the booking of an escort lady, which passes 24 hours, a deposit of 30% of the agreed fee has to be paid. The estimated travel costs of an escort lady to reach the place of your choice will be paid in advance according to your agreement.

The desired date is only binding upon receiving of the payment. Once the deposit has been received on our account, you will be informed and will get your final booking confirmation.

Cancellation of a date

If it is not possible for you to keep your date with one of our escort ladies, we ask you to inform us at an early stage to move the date. If you cancel the appointment at least 24 hours in advance, we will refund the deposit. With less than 24 hours, we keep 50% of the deposit as expenses for the escort lady. The cost of train and flight tickets of the escort lady will not be refunded. As experience has shown, these costs of rail and airlines are only partially credited.

Delays on your part

Time and again, situations in life arise which prevent a schedule from being strictly adhered to. We and the escort lady have understanding for this so that the lady – if you inform us in time – also appears later on the date. In this respect, you do not lose a jointly time. Therefore, if you are unable to appear on time for your appointment, please notify us, at least 45 minutes in advance. If, however, you have not informed us of your delay, so that the escort lady is already at the dating point, the time for waiting will be charged as booking time.

Early breakup

If you have to cancel your appointment with the escort lady prematurely for important professional, private or other reasons, we ask you to pay the fee for the current time spent together. Calculated in this case will be always at least two hours in the booked category.

If at the beginning of the date you find that the Escort Lady does not correspond to your expectations, you are free to cancel the date. The agreed fee shall not be paid in such a case. However, as gentleman you do refund the lady at least the cost of her journey!

Protection of Data

Mistress Escort, as an exclusive, reputable agency guarantees every customer anonymity as well as absolute discretion. The personal data that we receive from you in order to organize a date are always treated confidentially by us. Therefore, neither data, preferences nor details of a date will be get into the public or passed on to third parties. The operation of our agency always conform with the general data protection regulations.