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At Mistress Escort, you can now also pay with your credit card!

There is good news, because you have from now on the possibility to pay with your credit card. Now you can book at Mistress Escort from anywhere around the world, and paying a deposit at the same time so your Escort lady can take the next flight to you. You can of course also pay with your credit card on-site. However, something unplanned can always happen, so we prefer an advance payment.

But do not worry, even with credit card payment, discretion and anonymity are guaranteed. Therefore, only the name of our AGENCY will appear on your credit card bill. We attempt to satisfy our customers very much, so we ask for your understanding that we allow us to charge you for this method of payment with a processing fee of 5%.

Mistress Escort will be happy to answer any questions you may have – at any time by phone or e-mail!